It's a Digital World

Live in your World, Play in ours. play station2

Just after finishing an internship and graduating from school back home in Mexico City, Lorena decides to travel to New York City and ends up having a once in a lifetime opportunity; to live in New York for 12 weeks studying, sightseeing, having fun and finding her own person in the city that never sleeps. 


Did Jason Russell’s meltdown ruin the credibility of the entire Kony 2012 campaign?

[Not really safe for work…]


The show has grown immensely, having just hit 1M check-ins the first week of December and is now officially the fastest growing show on GetGlue with the most check-ins to date. 

2012 is the year of “Social TV” and it is growing not only here at GetGlue but even the media is using check-ins to show growth in shows and even election buzz.  

Everybody’s favorite Ice Age squirrel Scrat is back….entretaining the audience before the movie starts

Tonight is a night of pure entretainment

Whether TV or the web The Oscars is one of the most watched live shows on television; could it beat the Super Bowl, The Grammys?  There´s a million sites, social networks blogging, posting, tweets and so much more , talking about it. 

At first, I was learning and reading everything that was happening at The Oscars via Twitter, then I used my tablet and navigated through the official Oscars website; it was amazing:  Nominees?  Winners? Live Blog? Recaps? Red carpet? Tweets and posts about the Oscars? Critics and surveys?  Backstage?  Live videos?  It was all there. Finally I’m home watching them on TV…let’s see what happens tonight. Who do you think will be the winners?